TETRA Telecontrol Equipment

MarinerThai 2004 Co., Ltd. is a distributor of Telecontrol equipment brand “Piciorgros” from Germany. The following “Piciorgros” devices are available.


TMO-100 Universal TETRA-Modem with Voice Interface

The TMO-100 is a data modem for TETRA infrastructures. With this device data can be transferred invisibly to one or more positions within a TETRA infrastructure. The TMO-100 is the all-in-one solution including controller, router, modem and mobile radio, which turns it into the ideal Turn-Key Solution such as the project for Automatic transferred lines system for Prime Minister’s House of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority etc.

Either serial as well as IP-based protocols can be communicated by this device. This is the reason, why the TMO-100 is equipped with two serial interfaces (optional RS-232 or RS-422/285) and also with one Ethernet port (10/100 MBits/s). For the data communication via a TETRA infrastructure the user can choose between SDS-based or Packet Data transfer.

The optional Voice feature offers the opportunity to connect a microphone speaker set and to contact a configured counterpart device. This is how co-workers are able to contact the control room on-site in case of emergency. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to request the TMO-100 with internal inputs and outputs. The data of the inputs and outputs can be written on and be accessed through the Modbus-RTU protocol. Additionally, there is the possibility to send a status message in case of changes to another device ("unsolicited message" in case of alarm). The TMO-100 is integrated into a robust anodized aluminum enclosure, which can easiliy be impemented to a DIN rail. The broad operating voltage range of 12-24 V (+/- 20%) makes it easy to integrate the device in automation facilities.


DVI-100 Digital Voice Interface

The DVI-100 (Digital Voice Interface) will be attached to a TETRA Network in the same way as a normal TETRA hand portable, and it can be a Member of up to five (optional more) groups.

When it receives a voice call, rather than decoding the digitally coded ACELP data stream into analog audio and feeding it to the Loudspeaker, it is sent as a digital (UDP) data stream to its IP port. Connecting two DVI-100s back-to-back with each device connected to a different TETRA network (which could be different infrastructure manufacturer, different frequency bands or geographically separated), allows the networks to be “interconnected” based on group calls, status messages, and short data messages. As the voice data stream is not converted back into an analog signal at any time, the voice quality has the same brilliant quality as received with a TETRA hand portable.


TTS-2000 TETRA Radio Coverage Test Set

The TTS-2000 is a complete TETRA Site Survey test device and takes measures of the RSSI Field Strength of the main TETRA carrier as well as of all reported neighbour cells.

The data is stored as a -dBm value together with the location coordinates, bit error rate, antenna gain or attenuation value, and the RSSI values from all reported neighbour cells. As main control graphical user interface, an Apple Mini iPad - that can be easily installed on the car windshield - is used for measuring, configuration as well as parameter setting and for device calibration. During the measuring process that is done in second steps (or distance depending), all relevant TETRA parameters like RSSI, LAC, Channel number and coordinates are shown on the iPad in big, well readable numbers. Additional to the car power connector, the device can be operated for several hours with the internal rechargeable battery. And once the measuring process is completed, the csv-based data can be sent on a WiFi or GSM network with just a finger tip to any e-mail address. With the powerful Google Maps based PC application viewer “CoverMap” the user can easily view the data as graphical Coverage overview or process it with his own Excel application. And he also can simulate certain conditions like switching off Base Stations or setting –dBm levels to check his network in extreme conditions. The TTS-2000 is installed in a small Pelicase box of only about 24 * 11 * 19 cm and can be used in a car and due to its very light weight also ideal for hand carry measuring. It is delivered together with a Mini iPad with installed software, the PC based application viewer CoverMap, magnetic antenna and a car changer cable.
Display during Test Drive on iPad Mini
Walk test, for Indoor testing without GPS signal
"Scan" can be scan to inspect the signal of any TETRA system as located in the frequency 800/400 MHz. The service can be viewed and will also enable to check the max/min. signal level at the time of the scan as well.